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General Info


  1. Regular class tests are a feature.
  2. Two Assessment examinations are held each year and the results are sent to parents. Promotion to the higher class is made on the basis of the Performance in the two examination.
  3. Special arrangements cannot be made for pupils who for any reason, whatsoever are absent from any of the tests or examinations. Answer script submitted by pupil, for these examinations will not be returned to parents, private tutors or others.
  4. Medium of Instruction is English, however equal importance will be given to Regional Language Kannada and National Language Hindi.
    In addition to usual syllabus, students will be acquainted with Art and Craft.
  5. Individual guidance is given to children by trained teachers.
  6. High standards of discipline will be maintained in all school activities.
  7. Well qualified and highly motivated teaching staff will create a congenial atmosphere for learning.


  1. On the class days and at school functions pupils must wear the uniform prescribed by the school. Pupils should come to the school clean and tidy. Those who are not properly and neatly dressed and whose general appearance does not conform  to such regulations as the school prescribes from time to time will be penalized by the Principal / Head Mistress.
  2. Pupils who come late to school and those who have been absent on the previous day must get the signature of their parent/ guardian along with an explanation in the absence record. This must be countersigned by the Principal/Head Mistress to be tendered to the class teacher.
  3. Pupils are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises or grounds during the regular school hours. Permission to do so may be granted only by the Principal.
  4. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the school staff or bad moral influence, justify dismissal.
  5. Pupils on their way to and from school are expected to behave themselves in responsible manner.
  6. Pupils are strictly forbidden to introduce objectionable literature in the school or to make purchase from unauthorized dealers in or near the school premises.
  7. During the absence of a teacher from the class, pupils must obey the Monitor and maintain good order.
  8. Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline by evincing interest in their child’s progress and extending the fullest encouragement to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  9. Ordinarily, a school diary is published under the authority of the school each year, Any changes in the school rules are notified in the diary. Each pupil must possess a copy of the school  diary.
  10. A Pupil may be required to take part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. When required to do so, participation will he deemed compulsory by the school authorities.
  11. Parents have to take prior appointments to meet the Principal.
  12. Parents are expected to communicate through the diaries for the queries & Classifications with the teacher.


  1. The school diary should be brought to school every day.
  2. Take down in your diary the work assigned to you by your teachers and be regular in submitting it back the next day.
  3. Never omit the lesson or home-work assigned and always revise the work done in class.
  4. Attend school regularly and do not miss tests and examinations. There is no provision for a re-test or re-examination.
  5. Progress Reports given to you should be duly signed by your parents and returned within a week after you receive it.
  6. Punctuality should be strictly followed. Students coming late should get the signature of the teacher in the late coming record.
  7. Take an active part In all the activities of the school.
  8. Always come to school neatly dressed and in full uniform.
  9. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.
  10. Keep the school premise clean.
  11. Treat the school property as your own and do not damage furniture, equipment or building. Any damage done will have to be made good.


  1. Your first concern as a parent should be to see that your child attends school regularly. Parents who permit their child to be absent from school unnecessarily handicap their child’s opportunity to succeed in studies.
  2. We earnestly recommend that the parent or guardian should look into his/her child’s school diary every day and ensure that the home work assigned for the next day is done.
  3. Remarks made in the calendar should be seen and signed regularly.
  4. You can contribute a great deal to your child’s success in the school by encouraging home study. See that your child devotes at least one hour every day for his/her studies at home.
  5. When you are requested to meet the Principal or the class teacher, it should be done immediately because the feed back of the child’s weakness in the class can be directly communicated.
  6. Withdrawal of your child from the class for a mere social function is not recommended because it retards student’s progress in school and minimizes his/her respect for regular hard work.
  7. If your child is suffering from any infectious disease, report the fact immediately to the Head Mistress and do not send your child to the class till the danger of infection has passed.
  8. A pupil who has been suffering from or who has been in contact with any infectious disease must produce a certificate (from a competent authority) that he/she may attend school without risk of conveying infection.
  9. Encourage your child does not bring any costly articles to school.


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